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Why Is Torque Testing Important for Your Business?


Torque testing is a method that allows you to check that systems, components and equipment is working as efficiently and accurately as possible. Regular torque testing also helps ensure that you are adhering to international standards and to highlight any potential wear and tear, or broken components.

Two of the more common applications for torque testing is in products with rotating parts, or with fastenings. Such applications include motors or engines. Torque testing allows you to measure and analyse the torque characteristics and determine the performance and potential defects.


Torque testing can be used in a variety of departments within a business such as:

IMG_2118.JPG- R&D

As new technologies, processes and materials are developed, the demand for torque testing increases. New components need to be properly checked to ensure the highest quality and efficiency.

- Production

Torque testing during production can help to reduce time and money as well as materials and labour. 

- Inspection & Quality Control

Regular inspection and quality control checks are vital to ensure your components and systems are working efficiently. Torque testing allows you to prevent wasted time and money on repairing or replacing broken elements within a business.

Torque Testing with a Company You Can Trust

IMG_2121.JPGTorque measurements are a key part of inspection and maintenance to ensure that components and systems are working at the optimal level and to ensure that you are not wasting resources, or worse have any potential safety problems. Torque testing can provide valuable information which can signify the root cause of potential problems within your systems. This allows you to implement an appropriate procedure to rectify the problem.

Inspections should be carried out regularly, however for those who have difficult to access areas within their buildings or structures, such as oil rig platforms, it is understandable that these tests cannot be carried out by anyone but instead require work at height specialists.

Rope Access is a safe and cost efficient way to reach high or awkward areas on the interior or exterior of a building or structure. Our team at Inspection & Rope Access Specialists have experience in bolt torque testing. For more information or to book our consultants please contact us on: 01592 722 571. We work across the UK & Europe on a variety of different projects.

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