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Why Rope Access Is Becoming the Way to Work at Height

shutterstock_330051758.jpgAs inspection requirements become increasingly stricter and architects and civil engineers continue to build increasingly more complicated - and higher - buildings and structures, the need for non-traditional height access methods to complete work at height increases.

Rope Access: The Way to Reach Any Space

If you have a work at height project you need completed but can't access the location by crane, lift, scaffolding or other means, rope access offers great alternate solution. Working on some of the most complicated structures in the world, rope access technicians are able to transcend up and down and across structures to complete projects at height. They can fit inside confined spaces such as ducts and air vents, reach the underneath bridges and oil rig platforms or the edges of wind turbines. 

The extensive range of structures that can be accessed is nearly as impressive as the range of services rope access companies offer from inspection work to maintenance. In fact, clients are often surprised the true breadth and variety of tasks which can be completed by a rope access technician.

Rope Access: The Safe Way to Work at Height

Over the years, specialized rope access equipment has been developed. Previously, climbing and caving gear was used however as the technique has grown in recent years companies have developed special equipment for rope access workers. 

In order to keep rope access equipment safe and working to its full capabilities information for each individual item of rope access equipment is logged and regularly inspected. Picking up any piece of equipment within a rope access company you should be able to find out when it was purchased, who manufactured it and when, when it was last inspected and the results, among other information.

Keeping a record of rope access equipment in this helps to way keeps workers safe. It is for this reason, plus the required qualification workers need, that rope access has become one of the safest ways to work at height with low injury and fatality rates.

Rope Access: The Cost Efficient Way to Work at Height

Another major benefit of rope access is the fact it can save a company thousands of pounds. This is because rope access requires less equipment and set up time, compared to scaffolding. Less personnel are also required, lowering the cost.

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