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Why You Should Choose Rope Access Over Scaffolding for Your Building Survey


A building survey is often the first step required when a business needs to perform any sort of building repair work. If the survey is conducted accurately, it can be invaluable to your business as it will clearly identify the nature of the work which needs to be completed.

Many businesses will opt to hire a scaffolding service so they can get a close-up inspection of their building. Whilst this is of course an option, the cost for hiring and setting up scaffolding will unnecessarily increase the cost of your building survey.

An Alternative Way to Work At Height

Rope access is an alternative way to conduct work at height, such as a building survey, that will stop your business from having to outlay a large initial cost. This is because rope access requires much less equipment and no large, external platforms. 

Instead rope access use industrial ropes to traverse across and up and down buildings. The technique is highly safe and efficient and requires fewer technicians. Less workers, less equipment and shorter working period equates to a more cost-effective solution.

Choosing rope access for your building survey is also beneficial as rope access technicians are able to reach every aspect of your building - even the hard to reach areas, such as confined spaces or internal roofs. Other work at height companies may make assumptions from ground level, or a distance away as their scaffolding is restrictive. This can result in incorrect information which can lead to costly mistakes in the future.

Rope Access Is a Flexible Solution

Rope access technicians are able to go where scaffolding and binoculars cannot. We are able to get up close to all areas of your building to detect miniscule issues that would otherwise be missed. Whilst these problems may be small, catching them early will help to prevent a major (and expensive) problem in the future.

Scaffolding Vs. Rope Access

The time and labour that is needed to erect scaffolding makes it an ineffective solution when compared to rope access. As it is stationary poles can block access to critical areas which require assessment. With scaffolding you will need to pay for a crew to set it up and then to complete any work. The cost of supply, erection and then survey increases the cost to your business; something that does not occur with rope access. 

Additionally rope access does not require a large amount of space at ground level as is needed with scaffolding. This make it an effective solution for offshore structures, or where access into the building is not to be hindered. Rope access can be set up quickly and if needed, removed at the end of every working day making is a great option for building surveys on commercial buildings with a large footfall or residential properties.

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists 

If you are looking for a cost-efficient way to use your maintenance budget for a building survey or other maintenance work you will most likely benefit from choosing rope access as your work at height solution. Inspection & Rope Access Specialists work across the UK and Europe and are able to provide accurate, complete building surveys that will save you on the final cost of your maintenance work. Call us today to find out more about our services or to discuss your project 01592 722 571.