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Wind Turbine Services

In order to perform at their optimal output wind turbines need regular inspections and maintenance. Due to the variable conditions they are subjected to potential problems can occur on the tower, blade or nacelle.

However, because wind turbines are typically located in remote areas (both on and offshore) they can be difficult to access to conduct such inspection and maintenance work.

Rope access provides a safe and cost effective way to carry out such work and Inspection & Rope Access Specialists are one of the few companies in the UK that are able to offer wind turbine services to clients.

Up Close Wind Turbine Inspections Using Rope Access

Our range of services include:

  • Wind tower cleaning
  • Blade cleaning, inspections and repairs
  • Nacelle cleaning, inspections and repairs
  • Gear box cleaning
  • Confined entry into blades and hub areas for inspection and repairs
  • Emergency repairs

Replacing a wind turbine blade is one of the most difficult wind turbine maintenance jobs. Blades can be up to 60 meters long and weigh more than 16 tonnes. Coupled with the height from the ground and the expected prevailing winds, replacing blades can be a challenging process.

Specialised Wind Turbine Maintenance Company

Inspection & Rope Access Specialists specialise in the inspection and maintenance of wind turbines and towers. We use industrial rope access techniques to scale Wind Turbines efficiently and safely with importance placed on minimizing the downtime of the asset.

Our team provide a professional, quality service every time. To discuss your project’s needs please contact us.